Tag: 10 Products I Can't Live Without

I saw this tag on Simone Loves Makeup, and thought it was a fun and interesting post!

I did find it very hard picking out only 10 items - but I love a bit of a challenge!

So here we go ladies, my top 10 can't live without them products (click on the picture for a closer look)!

1. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream - love the stuff!

2. Tweezerman tweezers - they're the best tweezers I've ever owned!

3. Revitanail Nail Strengthener - I swear by this product, it turned my nails from short and weak to long and strong.

4. Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in Red (#856) - this is one of my favorite lip glosses, I love red lips and this is perfect for day to day use.

5. Labello Fruity Shine in Cherry - this is one of those products that I've been repurchasing since I was about 15!

6. Chanel Mat Lumière - although I use and try different foundations this one has been my favorite for a while now.

7. Moroccan Hair Oil - I've been using this since last summer and I love it! It's transformed my hair.

8. MAC Cream Blushes - I got my first blushcreme in Ladyblush about 2 weeks ago and I love the stuff. Even though I haven't been using it for a long time, I have a feeling this will be one of my makeup staples.

9. MAC brushes - I have a strange love for makeup brushes especially the ones from MAC. I couldn't pick which brush I like the most though, that's too hard!

10. DiorShow mascara - I've been using this for years and it's hands down my favorite mascara.

And that's it beauty addicts; my top 10 'can't live without them' products.

I'm tagging all of you in this post, I'm curious to see what are all of your can't live without products and items!




  1. also love the chanel mat lumiere and mac brushes <3 x

  2. The labello one is my favourite too

  3. I can't live without my pink Tweezerman tweezers either - they're the best! Great choice of products :)

    Catherine x


  4. Brilliant blog - I'm following!

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  5. Wow great post! I will do it too;)
    I woul like to buy Maroccan hair oil, where can I find it?
    xo xo

  6. I loove mac cream blushes as well Ive used one up entirely and im on my second

  7. I really dont think I'd be able to pick just 10!

  8. Ooh nice post! I've heard such mixed reviews about Moroccan oil. I wonder if it's something I should buy. I don't having tons of stuff that I don't use, like I do now. Meh! Perhaps I'll try it someday.

    Check out my bloggy! xo

  9. Love your blog,
    I'm a new follower!
    I love my tweezerman tweezer and my MAC Ladyblush!

  10. I really want to try a Chanel foundation and the moroccan hair oil sounds amazing

  11. Thanks for all the comments girls :)

    Supergirl: where do you live? I'd would suggest contacting salons in your area to see if they stock Moroccan Oil products! Best of luck finding them xx

  12. This is such a great post and lovely blog, I'm a new follower!
    I think I will take up this tag and do one of these posts soon!
    Please check my blog out :)

  13. R. - I live in Bristol, UK :)
    Thanks for help!


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